Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Magic Workout

One workout Andrews picked up from Peter Coe (Sebasitan Coe's father and coach) was what Robby would call "the magic workout." It involved a series of sprints. He would start out with a 100-meter sprint at near race pace and jog back. He would then run 110 meters, adding one second to his 100-meter time.

He would continue at 10-meter intervals, adding one second each time, until he reached 200 meters. It was a taxing workout, but magic indeed. He ran that workout before every big race this season, including his two national record runs and his 4:03.49 mile.
-News Transcript (article about Robbie Andrews, a high school runner from New Jersey who set high school indoor national records for 800 (1:49.21)and 1000 meters (2:22.68). Outdoors Andrews ran a 4:03.49 mile.

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