Saturday, July 11, 2009

Great Training Advice By an Olympic Champion- A Must Read!

I just recently was at a conference in Las Vegas where USA Track & Field got together and said, we’re disturbed about the fact that we’re not getting any medals in middle-distance and distance running at the Olympics, and why is this? And someone concluded, when they looked at the Olympics, American runners are getting buried in the last lap. Therefore, we need to teach them how to sprint. So that’s unbelievable. [laughs] There’s not a lack of speed – they’re just running out of gas,and so everyone else is cruising because of the superior endurance, is what that boils down to. - excellent interview with Peter Snell, Olympic gold medal winner and PhD Exercise Physiologist.

MY COMMENT: This is a MUST READ for any aspiring distance runner, especially if you are over 40!

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