Friday, July 10, 2009

Are Cramps Related to Overdrinking?

Water Price Set To Rise

The pace didn’t feel bad at all and I had the energy,” said Ritzenhein, who completed his fourth marathon. “I felt like everything was going great until 20 miles. My calves and hamstrings started twitching every couple of seconds or so and I felt like they were going to cramp up. I would shift my weight back and waddle along at about 5:15 pace. If I went any faster I thought they would go again.”

Ritzenhein took three salt tablets during the last 10K to help alleviate the problem. “I didn’t think I was dehydrated,” he said. “My fitness felt great. The last 10K wasn’t even hard.”
-universal sports

I met with a nutritionist on it and I think there are definitely some things that I can change, some overhydration problems that I've done in the weeks and days leading up to the race. You wash out the sodium and things like that that are necessary. It's a matter of drinking too much straight water until a couple of days beforehand. It takes a few days for your body to catch up. If you drink only water for two weeks and then you switch to sports drinks a couple of days before the race, it still doesn't have the desired effect runnersworld.

-comments by Dathan Ritzenhein on a mistake he believes he made by drinking too much water in the days leading up to the London Marathon where he cramped and still ran 2 hr 10. (Ritz also experienced muscle cramps in the Olympic marathon)

MY COMMENT: I wonder how much water he was actually drinking in the days leading up to those races? Here is another reason not to overdrink before a big race.

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