Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Run at Destruction and the Bellin 10K- Partying With Running Legends

I enjoyed reading Lynda Drews (author of Run at Destruction) account of the Bellin 10K. Sounds like the book is doing very well and Bellin is more popular than ever. Congratulations Lynda and also to Bellin Health for continuing to sponsor one of the best running events in the U.S!

Run at Destruction explores the true life love triangle between three teachers/runners in small town America and the eventual death of the wife in her own bathtub. Drews unfolds the drama brilliantly right through to the sentencing of the husband to a life in prison and even an afterward from the mistress apologizing years later. Sent to prison, the husband and mistress still can't let go and she becomes a prison bride. Readers are left to decide for themselves if it was murder, suicide or manslaughter by neglect. Run at Destruction is lust, murder and obsession delivered with the beat of a runner's heart, as the theme of running is woven throughout. The book grabs at a large cross-section of readers because everyone can relate to the desire and often disaster that comes with affairs. This is true crime court drama and author Drews exposes the characters to such a depth that readers will feel like they are reading a novel, only, this really happened

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