Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why Expensive Running Shoes May be a Waste of Money

Dr Daniel Lieberman, professor of biological anthropology at Harvard University, has been studying the growing injury crisis in the developed world for some time and has come to a startling conclusion: 'A lot of foot and knee injuries currently plaguing us are caused by people running with shoes that actually make our feet weak, cause us to over-pronate (ankle rotation) and give us knee problems.
'Until 1972, when the modern athletic shoe was invented, people ran in very thin-soled shoes, had strong feet and had a much lower incidence of knee injuries.

MY COMMENT: This is a very compelling article on running shoes. I've been running in worn out $39 Saucony's forever. No clue how many miles are on them but who cares? My new $36 Adidas Bostons are on the way so I should be good to go for another 6 months or so. In fairness, I try to stay off road as much as possible, and as I've posted before, I try not to spend more than $50 when I do buy (my one exception to that rule would be a good marathon racing shoe).

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