Monday, May 25, 2009

Bike Chasing?

IT'S SUMMER. That time of year when you have the whole summer to train and become a great running by XC season. Most summer running is non-productive at best. This summer, make it work for you.
Bike chasing is in. Decide you are going to get in the big miles this summer. Don't start small and try to build up miles every week; that hardly ever works and usually leaves you wishing you had done better. Instead start with the big miles from day one and get over the pain and stiffness in your legs for a couple of weeks. After three weeks you will be running big miles with no pain. You will be ready for a new challange. Bike chasing is in.
Have you ever run behind a bike? They go faster; they go slower; they hardly ever go at an even pace. If you have a biker to follow behind, you will be pushing and resting all the way. Chasing bikes is even better. You have to go hard, sprint even, to try and catch up. If there is a hill up ahead, even if the biker is going way too fast, you can catch em on the hill. Bikes go slow uphill. Downhill, you're dead mean, but uphill, you can catch up and leave um in the dust :-)
If you chase bikes this summer plan on coming back for XC season with a mid-race sprint nobody else can match. You will make this summer work for you!

-post on the forum by GerrytheJanitor (some believe this is Gerry Lindgren who ran 13:44 for 5K in high school way back in 1964!)

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