Friday, April 17, 2009

Marathon Training Update:Intervals- April 16

For the past few years I've used 800 meter repeats as a staple workout. I've always used a 1 minute recovery, and when I am fit, I can maintain 10 repetitions under 3 minutes.

While 8-10 x 800s has served me well the past few years, it's time for a change. I want to improve my speed, so last week I did 10 x 400s with a minute rest. Tonight, I went back to the 800s, but added another minute to the recovery (hoping to run the pace I did last week on the 400s).

2:54, 2:53. 2:52, 2:51, 2:50 and 2:50 (this workout is on a trail, so the distance is not precise. By comparison, my average on this trail using the 60 second recovery has been 2:54-2:55).

Not a bad workout-hopefully something I can build on and improve by June. For now I'll stick with the 2 minute recovery and try to building up to 10. Ambitious goal, because I'll admit- tonight was very hard! Total 5 miles

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