Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Marathon Training Update- April 13, 14

In a perfect world, runners could focus on upcoming races without work or family obligations. For most of us, that isn't likely anytime soon.

I have a new work schedule - off every Tuesday and Saturday, so must take advantage by targeting those days for key, longer, time-consuming workouts. After a painful 20 mile day on Saturday I took Sunday off and jogged an easy 5 miles yesterday with Sumo.

Today I did the 1 mile warm up with Sumo, followed by the same course I used prior to Napa Valley- call it 17 miles (although about 1/4 of that is the jog down and back to my start point). I hit the turnaround in 61 min and turned in 62 on the return trip. Recall me best time prior to Napa was 1 hr 55, but I am far from discouraged. A good telltale sign that you are not recovered is difficulty going uphill, which I noticed right away on the sharp incline at 6 miles.

It will be interesting to see how quickly I can get over this one. I intend to run another easy one tomorrow (Wed) followed by an interval session Thurs, easy Friday, and another long on Sat. This is hopefully a pattern that I can maintain and see some progression. I seem to be in a rut since I upped the weekly long run to 20.

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