Thursday, March 12, 2009

Calf Pain?

I was running today, and I had this pain and stiffness in my left calf. Then it felt like there was this big lump that was about to burst. Does anyone know what this is??

Sounds like you tore some muscle fibers. The worst thing you can do for that is stretch it until the pain in swelling subsides. Ice, maybe ibuprofen, and no running until the pain subsides. You might consider inserting a thin heel lift in your shoe to take some pressure off of your achilles, calf when you resume, at least temporarily. Once you are sure the injury is gone, remove the insert. (I have a hunch you are a toe runner- maybe you can also try to land more flat footed).

Reply: Yeah I think I might have torn some muscle fibers 'cause the pains haven't subsided. And yes, I'm a toe runner 'cause I'm a sprinter :)

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