Monday, February 2, 2009

Marathon Training Update- Feb 1

am: 1 mile jog with Sumo, then 17 mile loop in 1 hr 55.

This is my 4th weekend in a row doing this run. I tried to run this one faster- no run the day before, wore lighter-weight racing shoes, carried about 24 oz of Gatorade, and took a 5 Hour Energy. I am very pleased- just under 58 min at the turnaround. Napa Valley Marthon in 4 weeks!

4-week progression at 17 miles

3 weeks ago- 2 hr 20 min- HARD 8:12 per mile
2 weeks ago- 2 hr 06 min- HARD 7:24 per mile
last week- 2 hr 00 min- HARD 7:03 per mile
today- 1 hr 55 min- easier effort relative to the others - 6:45 per mile

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