Thursday, January 8, 2009

Training Update- Wed Jan 7

pm: 1 mile with Sumo, 1 mile to trail, then 16 x 400 (approx)in 90 sec, 30 sec recovery. I now have 800 meters (approx) measured off going either way on the Olympic Discovery Trail from the main road, so I did this workout by running 400, resting 30 sec, the next 400, resting 30 sec, then back, then across the road and doing the same thing.

This was a good workout. I am not ready for those 800s, but this was a good stepping stone. When you start back with this kind of tempo after weeks of slow running, muscle adaptation to speed is just as important as training the aerobic system.

Total workout= 7 miles
Total for the week= 28 miles

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