Friday, January 30, 2009

Should Headphones Be Banned?

Grandma’s Marathon runners with a love of portable music no longer have to risk disqualification by listening to their favorite tunes.

The Duluth road race chose Tuesday to allow headphones and other electronic devices on the 26.2- mile course after USA Track and Field lifted a two-year ban.

USA Track and Field, the national governing body for road racing, voted in December to amend its rule banning headphones, but left it up to individual races to do the same.

The Grandma’s Marathon board of directors voted Tuesday to lift the ban, beginning with the June 20 event and accompanying Garry Bjorklund Half-Marathon. Executive race director Scott Keenan, however, said entrants still are urged not to wear headphones for safety reasons.

MY COMMENT: I hate headphones and think they should have kept the ban. They are an unnecessary hazard not only to runners who wear them but to others who don't.

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