Monday, January 19, 2009

Hornet Juice for your Next Marathon?

"The women's marathon winner at the Sydney Olympics has revealed the secret of her success - she drank the stomach juices of giant, killer hornets that fly 100km a day at up to 25 km/hour. Naoko Takahashi, from Japan, consumed the hornet juice during training and the race itself after scientists discovered that it had astonishing powers to boost human stamina." -New York Times

The website ( studies that found "the mice that drank Vaam could swim almost twice as long as those drinking only water, and 25 percent longer than those drinking supplements containing casein, a protein found in milk. The blood of the mice drinking Vaam contained fewer fatty acids, an indication of how efficiently the body is burning fat, than that of mice drinking casein, glucose or water, the studies showed. The level of lactic acid, which tends to rise as the body burns glucose and can lead to muscle cramps, was also far lower in the blood of mice drinking Vaam than in that of the other mice."

What is it? A powdered sports drink that you mix with water or your favorite electrolyte drink, which you take before, during and after exercise, to give you increased energy, endurance and improved recovery time. Hornet Juice works as a trigger for the oxidation of fat, which provides you with an abundant and long lasting source of energy.

It is a unique combination of 17 amino acids, developed after extensive research of the giant hornet and its amazing ability to fly 50 miles a day. Hornet Juice replicates a mixture secreted by the hornet larvae, which the adult hornet ingests to provide them with the energy they need for their incredible flights of endurance. Athletes will enjoy improved energy, endurance, speed and recovery from taking Hornet Juice.

How much does it cost? 10 servings will cost you $20.

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