Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Run long, run daily, drink little and don't eat like a pig" Dr. Ernst Van Aaken

Ernst Van Aaken (1910-1984)

Van Aaken's key rules for running:
(As found on page 56 of The Van Aaken Method)

* "Run daily, run slowly, with creative walking breaks"

* "Run many miles, many times your racing distance if you are a track runner; up to and often beyond if you are a long distance runner. Do tempo running only at fractions of your racing distance."

* "Run no faster during tempo runs than you would in a race."

* "Bring your weight down 10-20% under the so-called norm and live athletically- i.e., don't smoke, drink little or no alcohol, and eat moderately."

* "Consider that breathing is more important than eating, and that continous breathlessness in training exhausts you and destroys your reserves."

Here is an interesting discussion of Van Aaken's methods on letsrun.com

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