Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kara Goucher Needs to Rethink Her Marathon Race Nutrition Plan

At the second water station she dropped her assigned bottle. That wasn't a huge problem, but she was already starting to feel a rumble in her stomach that began by the sixth mile. Fluid and carbohydrate gel wouldn't stay down.

"Ten miles to go, I tried to take some (gel) and the taste of it wanted to make me throw up," Goucher said. "My body was fighting it and I wasn't getting the (energy) stores that I needed."

MY COMMENT: I watched the race and immediately noticed that she was taking in LOTS of fluid at every station- way more than I could ever imagine doing. Not sure what she was drinking but if it was a sports drink no wonder she had problems. Based on her interview it sounds like she took in too much carbohydrate. Once she gets this squared away, watch out!

UPDATE from NY Times- “I wasn’t able to get any liquids in after 10 miles,” Goucher said Monday. “I couldn’t keep anything down. I knew it would cost me, and three miles from the end it was very hard.”

COMMENT: Like I said, just watching her at the early stations, I think she was drinkin way too much liquid at one time and paid the price.

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