Thursday, October 16, 2008

Marathon Popularity Exploding!

You know marathons are becoming popular when the inaugural San Antonio Rock & Roll, scheduled for Nov 19- sells out with a limit of 30,000! How about 70 live bands performing on the course?

At the Las Vegas Marathon, last year 207 participants did their best Elvis impersonation (I doubt marathon running was ever at the top of Elvis's to do list) . This is probably the only race that features a "run through wedding chapel".

Regardless, (Peter Englehart, CEO of Competitor Group) said he is confident the event (despite financial trouble) has a bright future and in due time could rival his company's biggest ventures: the Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon, which drew 31,000 entrants in January for its full and half-marathon; the Country Music Marathon, which also drew 31,000 for full and half-marathons in April in Nashville, Tenn.; and the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon, which netted 22,000 in June for its full marathon.

The Las Vegas event (Dec 9), which has a full and half-marathon, attracted approximately 17,000 entrants last year.

"Our event (New York City Marathon Nov 12) has the most worldwide TV viewers of any sport," says Crandall, who says some broadcasts of the race garner some 312 million viewers worldwide According to the website, New York receives 100,000 applicants

Last year, 20,674 finished The Marine Corps Marathon (this year the race is set for Oct 26). Check out their surprising list of famous finishers!

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