Monday, September 8, 2008

3 hr 02 min at Skagit Flats Marathon

I am relaxing after another marathon- the Skagit Flats Marathon in Burlington WA. Don't even ask- I saw it on the internet Thursday so figured why not? I've done some decent track workouts but long runs have all been on trails- in order for me to break 3 hours again I must get out on the roads once in a while for some 17-18 mile runs. I am lucky if I get 12-13 miles on any trail run. That won't cut it when you have to run 26.2 on the roads.

I am actually grateful I was able to finish as strong as I did.

Skagit Flats Marathon Top 10

Time First Last Gender Age
2:47:33 Peter Oviatt M 38
2:50:51 Matt Krier M 26
2:56:08 Russ Tkebuchava M 27
2:57:15 Greg Ripley M 33
2:59:25 Kevin Prentiss M 45
3:00:34 Luigi Marano M 39
3:01:47 Ed Haywood M 47
3:02:31 Dave Elger M 55
3:08:48 Cliff Richards M 47
3:09:53 Robert Durrant M 43

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  1. Congratulations Dave. You're a credit to our age group!