Sunday, August 3, 2008

Good Workout

Yesterday my plan to do a tempo run got derailed- my neighbor stopped by with a couple of beers as I was stepping out the door. A least I managed 30 minutes easy with the dogs in the morning.

I took advantage of the extra rest by planning a track workout today. Last week prior to the SeaFair 8K I did that horrible 1 x 1000 meter repeat workout, starting with a 3:32 and quitting after 4 at 3:36. I decided to use that to my advantage and repeat the same workout with 2 minute recovery.

1- 3:30
2- 3:28
3- 3:27
4- 3:30
5- 3:29

This was a very tough workout for me but obviously I performed much better. I was hitting 2:47 through 800 on each. I seriously considered stopping after 4, but I've cut my last 2 track workouts short, and I wanted bad to break that habit.

Interval workouts like this are very hard mentally and best done with a partner or group.

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