Thursday, June 5, 2008

3 hr 03 min 54 sec

I ran the San Juan Island Marathon on Sunday, June 1- a small race held on a challenging, hilly course.

Felt strong but not able to get in under 3

1 hr 32 through the half so the splits were almost identical.



  1. Hello Dave!

    My name is Joe Tompkins - I sat next to you on the ferry ride back to Anacortes. We recapped our run and I told you that this was my 3rd 3:13. Yes. One day my plan is to crack 3 but my question to you was how do I get there. You simply told me "speedwork". Well thanks for the truth. I have not hit the track but I have been doing some speedplay with a friend who is naturally faster than I. Let me tell you - I sure look forward to using him now! This really taxes my threshold and I can really feel it. The only marathon I am committed to is Skagit Flats & Marine Corps DC. I will keep up the speedwork and keep you posted. Keep up the good work Dave. It was my pleasure meeting you. - Joseph

  2. Hi Joe- I think you'll find the intervals will help- my bread and butter is 800s. If I have been away for a while I start with
    6 x400s, moving up to 10. When I move up to 800s, I'll start with 4 and week by week move up to 10-

    when i can do 10 x 800 under 3 min with 2 min rest I know I am ready.

    This weekend I ran with this group.
    Fabulous long trail runs!