Thursday, May 22, 2008

26 Tips for Marathon Training and Racing: #7- The 4 Week Push

For lack of a better description, I am calling it the 4 Week Push. "It" is a key period of time starting 6 weeks before your scheduled marathon ending 2 weeks before.

We all know that unless you are a professional runner or retired, marathon training never goes as well as we'd like. Work, family obligations, and vacations often interfere, and while missing one or two workouts may not be a big deal over 10-12 weeks, I think it might over 4 weeks.

If possible, I highly encourage runners to take this 4 week stretch before your marathon very seriously. This is the time to put aside other distractions and give your workouts a higher priority. Don't schedule any trips, unless of course it frees up your time. Focus on those 3 key workouts- the long run, the interval, and the tempo. Get your rest, eat right, and give those workouts your best effort.

When I turned 40, I stumbled onto this by accident. While I had been doing my 16-17 mile runs on the weekend, I upped a second 10-12 miler to 16-17, so did 2 of those 48 hours apart over a 4 week span leading up to my marathons. It worked beautifully, as I was able to break 2 hr 40 minutes in 5 different races, never running further than 18 miles in a workout.

Too often I've seen runners put in weeks of training, only to sabotage their work by losing their edge in the last month. Don't let it happen.

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