Monday, April 14, 2008

No Time To Train? Check out these Low Mileage Plans

Bruce Tulloh, European 5,000 meter champion in 1962, lays out a low-mile training plan on peak performance online that includes 4 workouts per week:

Tues: 10 mins warm-up, 10 x 45 secs uphill fast, 10 mins warm-down

Thurs: 6-mile run, including 3 x 8 mins fast, 2 mins jog (10k pace)

Sat: 10 mins warm-up, 2 x 15 mins threshold pace (2 mins recovery)

Sun: 8-10 mile run, starting slow, finishing faster

Total mileage 24-26

Here is my version of a low mile marathon training plan:

Tues: 10 min warm-up, 6 x 800 meters, progressing to 10, full 3
min recovery, 10 min cool-down

Thurs: 10 mile run pace determined how you feel. Some marathon
pace tempo in the middle (5-10 minutes x 2-3 times, but not
if you are tired) but don't force it.

Sat: build up to 2- 3 hours easy

25-35 miles

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