Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dave's Training Log Feb 17-23

Sun, Feb 17
took the day off, weather was lousy and coming off 74 miles in 6 days I deserved it!

Mon, Feb 18
am: 3 miles with Sumo, then 7 miles
total = 10 miles

Tues, Feb 19
no run- everybody is sick here- not feeling so hot so I better rest up.

Wed, Feb 20
no run

Thurs, Feb 20
am: 3 mile jog

Fri, Feb 21
am: 3 mile jog

Sat, Feb 22
am: 2 mile jog

Total miles for the week = 18

So much for a high skin carotenoid score preventing flu- I have been sick all week and still very little if any sign of feeling better. I'll keep resting!

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