Monday, January 14, 2008

Are Antioxidants Important?

I have the biophotonic scanner at our center, a device that can measure the carotenoid level in your skin. When I was tested in early November, my score was 36,000. The average American typically scores in the low 20,000s.

Since I began taking the Lifepak nano, my score has now jumped to 77,000! What does this mean? Obviously my level of antioxidant protection has increased (antioxidants offer the body protection against premature aging and a host of other problems by neutralizing free radicals).

While nobody knows for sure, I am confident that a high skin carotenoid score does significantly reduce my risk for cancer, heart disease, and other chronic diseases, not to mention slowing down the entire aging process.

No studies have ever documented that antioxidant supplementation will enhance performance, however I believe that supporting metabolic functions with optimal nutrition in the form of a good antioxidant supplement certainly gives me an advantage.

Check out this youtube clip on the biophotonic scanner.

There is no doubt that antioxidants are important. The question remains, does diet offer optimal protection or are supplements needed? The biophotonic scanner may provide the answer.

Feel free to contact me if you would like additional information on this exciting technology.

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