Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Need Exercise? Start Simple!

Ok, so you admit to having a motivation problem when it comes to exercise. One approach is to start with one simple exercise that you can do at home- the standard push-up. Keeping back straight, assume a push-up position- head down. Women should start with their knees on the floor rather than hands.

For starters, just do what you can in the convenience of your own home. The way to increase is to do them in sets of small numbers with frequent breaks. One example of that approach would be to do 5 push-ups, rest 2 minutes, then do another 5. Repeat until you can no longer do 5.

For women age 20-29, more than 43 push-ups performed in 2 minutes is excellent. Fewer than 21 is poor. For men in that age group, 80 is excellent, and less than 47 is poor.
Get to work!

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