Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Marathon Build-up

Like most runners, I like to select fall and spring races to prepare for. The rest of the year, I enjoy 5Ks and since I have moved to Utah, trail races. This fall I tried to peak for 2 races a few weeks apart- the XTERRA 10K Trail National Championships at Incline Village, Nevada, and the Other Half (half marathon) in Moab, Utah.

Last April I did the Boston Marathon, but this spring I've decided to try a new one- the Bank of Montreal Vancouver Marathon on May 4.

While my fast marathon days are long gone, I still believe that I can break 3 hours, and that will be my goal for this spring, the year that I am turning 55.

I did 3 hr 02 at Boston, falling off sub-3 pace on the hills between 18-21 miles. At Moab last month I ran 1 hr 25 very comfortably, with only a handful of 13-15 mile runs behind me. Moab sits at around 4,100-4,200 feet.

With 6 months to go, I am already thinking about what I need to do. Long runs, tempo workouts, speed work, cross training, and recovery. I plan to keep a training log which I'll post at the end of each week. Yesterday, did my first real long run on the road- a 17.5 mile loop in 2 hr 27 minutes. Over the next several weeks I will be working not on going farther, but knocking some time off that loop.

I'll also be adding more cross training than I have ever done before- yesterday during that last 5K I noticed a couple of things that I need to work on- some back fatigue and weak hip flexors. I also have one lower leg weaker than the other- a problem that I have been ignoring for a long time- I'll have to spend more time in the gym than years past working on overall strength and correcting muscle weaknesses.

Stay tuned!

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