Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kenyan Training Secrets

Check out this great article on training with the Kenyans posted on

Key points to Kenyan living

*Start runs very slowly but accelerate until at the end you are running very, very hard.

*Run sessions very, very hard.

*Follow runs with a full range of stretching, drills, sit ups and medicine ball work.

*Watch TV at all times between training except when eating or reading.

*Take a nap if there is nothing on TV.

*Eat ugali as much as possible. Does your sweat carry the feint smell of maize? If not eat more ugali.

*When you walk, walk slowly. Very slowly.

*Run only on grass or tracks. Walk to the park rather than running there. Remember to walk slowly.

*Make your tea using milk instead of water and add sugar in the kind of quantity you would normally add milk.

*Do not train in the rain unless absolutely necessary.

"Rest. That is the secret no-one knows. No-one realises how much rest they get. It is why Kenyans train so hard."

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