Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Don't Be a Race Bandit- Even if Your Last Name is Galloway

The following is an exerpt from The Sailfish Striders is a running club that I founded back in the mid 1980s. Located on Florida's Treasure Coast, they take pride in putting on races with accurate courses, organized finish lines, and quick results. See what happens when runners decide to run but don't bother to register-

The Beach To Beach 5K Race had a confluence of unusual factors that led to errors in processing the results the night of the race, and every effort was made to find and correct any and all errors before disseminating them to the media. If you believe that an error is still displayed in the results, then please send an e-mail to Race Director Mike Melton and explain why you think an error exists. Mike has all the documentation from the event and will diligently determine if your inquiry has any validity, and if it does, then the error will be corrected immediately.

A record crowd of runners, the vacation season, a record number of race bandits (including former Olympian Jeff Galloway), pull tag failures, runners exiting the chute before being recorded, and timer printer problems all contributed to the situation.

In conducting more than 400 events in our Club's history, this is the first time we have had this experience, and we will do everything within reason to ensure that it does not occur again! Thank you for your understanding!

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