Wednesday, July 4, 2007


How would you like to run like you normally do but carry less weight? That is exactly the concept behind Alter-G, Inc. The G-trainer allows you to train using your normal gait but is able to reduce your body weight from 3 to 80 percent! Pretty interesting concept for those few who have access to this technology.


  1. The G-Trainer is quickly becoming "the" training tool. Other Nike Oregon Project runners, under Alberto's tutelage have really done well. Kara Goucher won bronze in the 10K at the 2007 Osaka world championships, and Dathan Ritzenheim, Galen Rupp, Shalane Flanagan and Adam Goucher all qualified for the finals and showed well (top 10 all). We're pleased to be a part of their training programs. For more information contact us at or visit