Sunday, June 3, 2007

XTERRA Running Trail Series - "A Blast!"

If you are still fretting over the concrete vs asphalt controversy, consider hitting the trails. I raced today in the Bonneville 12 k Basher in Ogden, Utah, sponsored by XTERRA, an organization traditionally known for off-road running and triathlon races. XTERRA has organized a number of trail races in communities across the country, and my guess is the popularity of this sport is going to mirror that of marathoning in the U.S. Check the XTERRA website for a race in your area! I can't wait for the XTERRA Mountain Championships in Ogden Aug 18!

I found out one thing- I am OK on the flats like this but really need work on my uphill running! Stay tuned for future workouts designed to improve my uphill running strength.


  1. I just finished posting to my blog about today's race and thought I'd see if anyone else had as well. So far, just the two of us.

    Great race today. Totally enjoyed it. Congrats on finishing in 3rd place. I'd say your hill work was just fine.

    See you at Snowbird if you can make it.


  2. I will be there hopefully in better shape- I am geared up for this.