Friday, June 15, 2007

Push-ups: Great for Everybody!

Unless you are a serious body-builder, there is no real reason for you to isolate on one muscle group at a time while lifting weights. While there is nothing wrong with the bench press or chest press, they are examples of strength exercises that do a good job of isolating on the chest area and not much else.

If you are just a regular person looking for some added strength, push-ups are a far better option. Besides working the chest and arms, push-ups require trunk stability, involving back, gluts, and abdominal muscles. When you think about it, the muscles in your neck are also required to hold your head in a neutral position.

Of course, the biggest plus about push-ups is that you can do them anywhere anytime, without any special equipment.

Not that equipment isn't available. Pictured here is a push-up power rack (, allowing the user to vary width and angle of grip. You can also make them more difficult and recruit muscles differently by resting your feet on a bench or chair. To make push-ups easier, beginners can start with their knees resting on the floor rather than their feet.

Finally, because push-ups are more of a muscle endurance exercise than a pure, high intensity strength exercise, you are less prone to packing on too much upper body muscle weight, something runners and cyclists don't really need.

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