Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hindu Squats May Improve Your Running

Looking for an exercise you can do at home to supplement your running? Here is something I stumbled upon called Hindu Squats that I believe may help. Done on a regular basis, Hindu Squats will improve muscular endurance in the gluts, quads, calf, and hamstrings.

Start with 20-30, and then work up to 2 sets of 50. According to Combat Conditioning guru Matt Furey, “when you can do 500 straight Hindu Squats, you’re on your way to greatness.” Anybody that can do 500 is also getting a great cardio workout.

Hindu Squats differ from lunges- knees end up in front of your feet and heels are lifted. I would proceed with caution when performing Hindu Squats if you have any kind of knee pain- don’t go lower than a 90 degree bend at the knees, at least intially. As with any exercise, stop at the first sign that pain becomes worse.

Watch this great clip from that illustrates proper technique.

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