Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tegenkamp Enters 5K Road Race!

I’d say 2008 was a wash. We made strides in 2006 and 2007 and are now definitely back on the right track. I’m saying “we” again, because Jerry is a young coach and he’s still in the learning process. We both keep learning and making adjustments along the way. He’s definitely stepped it up as well. -Matt Tegenkamp

AT&T USA Indoor Track & Field Championships Day 1

I am sure Jerry Schumacher is a good coach. His athletes seem to love running for him, and Matt Tegenkamp, who ran for Jerry at Wisconsin and continues to do so as a professional, just broke 13 minutes for 5K on the track.

My only beef with the Schumacher group in the past has been their reluctance to race, and until now his professional runners have stuck to the track. That, and the fact that they stayed away from racing pretty much the entire year leading up to the all important Olympic Trials in 2008, which probably cost Chris Solinsky a slot on the team. Tegenkamp qualified, but certainly did not look good doing it.

This year his guys ran some good races- Teg, Solinsky, and Jager all made the US team for the world championships. A step in the right direction.

Now Tegenkamp is running the 5K US Road National Championship race on Sunday in Rhode Island. After a long, grueling season of track (training is the grueling part), my hunch is Teg is going to run well and have a blast doing it. He might even get an inkling of what he's been missing the last few seasons.

The entry list is for Sunday is not exactly a who's who of American distance running, so I have to think he is going in as a heavy favorite. One darkhorse to watch is Dan Huling who ran an 8:14 steeplechase in Brussels (#6 all time on the US list). He grew up in Rhode Island so should have some hometown support on the course.

Interesting interview with Huling at where he discusses what he learned at a speed clinic in Virginia.

Tight hip flexors and tight hamstrings were basically just shutting them (glutes) off, so I wasn't using them. I had to go through exercises to get my body to recognize they were there.

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